• Nimue Skin Technology
  • Nimue Skin Technology
  • Nimue Skin Technology
  • Nimue Skin Technology
  • Nimue Skin Technology

    Nimue Skin Technology is directed at improving the health of the skin. Nimue is a truly revolutionary skin health product which incorporates the very best of nature's Alpha Hydroxy Acids, antioxidants, sunscreens and complexion regulating ingredients.

    The nimue system offers long lasting benefits

    • Smoother, softer and more radiant skin for lasting beauty
    • Dramatic reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, reversing the effects of time
    • Visible improvement in the delicate areas around the eyes, restoring a truly youthful appearance
    • Striking reduction in oiliness and acne, for more glamorous freshness of the skin
    • Sensuous re-hydration of dry skin, leaving it pliant and soft
  • Nimue

    Nimue works its wonders on discoloured and blemished skin that can develop during the early weeks of motherhood and in women taking oral contraceptives. Lasting improvement can also be seen on hyper-pigmented skin.Nimue is also exceptionally effective in dramatically improving the signs of premature skin ageing, which include dryness, sensitivity and a rough texture. Nimue works to reverse these signs and to rejuvenate the skin

    Nimue's active ingredients are extremely important in the restoration of skin health. The ingredients are specially formulated to:

    • Work on a cellular level to normalise the skin's physiology
    • Normalise the density of the stratum corneum through an intercellular action
  • Nimue

    The Nimue Skin Rejuvenation Range is the result of an innovative relationship between science and nature, and the specially formulated products establish Nimue as the leader in skin technology advancement.

    Skin treated with Nimue is:

    • More tolerant of the sun's harmful effects
    • More tolerant of household chemicals
    • Less sensitive
  • Nimue has specially designed treatment programmes for all skin classifications.

    • Environmentally damaged
    • Hyperpigmented
    • Problematic
    • Interactive

    The Nimue Skin Rejuvenation Range is the result of an innovative relationship between science and nature, and the specially formulated products establish Nimue as the leader in skin technology advancement.

  • Vitaderm
  • Vitaderm
  • Vitaderm
  • Vitaderm

    Vitaderm is a results orientated range that combines the latest advances in ingredient research with natural plant extracts and essential oils to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits. The addition of phyto extracts assists in addressing specific skin conditions to ensure a more radiant complexion.

    The advanced multi-active formulations incorporate state-of-the-art ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glutathione, arbutin as well as protein peptides to actively renew the skin’s vitality.

    Safety in cosmetics is of paramount importance at Vitaderm. All ingredients that are suspected of being harmful, or irritating to the skin, have been excluded from the range. Vitaderm does not test on animals, nor does the range contain any animal derivatives.


    This specialised skin care treatment utilises extracts of sandalwood, orange blossom and ravensara, offering the ultimate in skin conditioning during periods of extreme dryness. The skin is superbly nourished due to the natural extracts of oat milk, sesame and flaxseed.

    • Rehydrates
    • Nourishes
    • Approximately 1 ½ hours

    Due to increasing concerns over our health and environment, Vitaderm is committed to producing a range of products that is free of harmful ingredients.


    This treatment offers the ultimate in firming and toning effects. Containing extracts of Bulgarian rose and frankincense, this warm plasticising masque is highly recommended for skins in need of a surge of moisture and smoothing of fine dehydration lines.

    • Highly recommended for dehydrated/dry skin types
    • Firming and Toning
    • Approximately 1 ½ hours

    Due to increasing concerns over our health and environment, Vitaderm is committed to producing a range of products that is free of harmful ingredients.

  • Solal
  • Solal
  • SOLAL - Healthy Aging Specialists

    SOLAL® specialises in healthy aging. Our health and wellness products don’t merely mask symptoms. Instead, our extensive range is formulated to help you age healthily by addressing the underlying causes of health problems, more naturally.

    Our innovative and effective health and wellness products contain best absorbed and most effective forms of nutrients, medicinal herbal extracts, amino acids and omega fats.

    QualiSafe™ is unique to SOLAL®, for peace of mind that your family is getting the best quality health and wellness products that money can buy. QualiSafe™ is a 10-step quality checking and auditing process, that ensures stability, composition and strength from raw material selection and testing, to final product quality and effectiveness. QualiSafe™ ensures that it is what’s inside the capsule that sets us apart.


    Health and Wellness Supplements

    SOLAL® has an extensive range of almost 100 nutraceutical supplements to help promote healthy aging. SOLAL® products are formulated using cutting-edge scientific evidence and medical research. They contain optimal doses of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (omegas), sophisticated antioxidants, herbal extracts and amino acids.

    Functional Foods

    SOLAL® Functional food is food or dietary components that provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition. SOLAL® Functional Foods™ range includes FeelFull™ Oil, 24-in-1™ SuperFruit & Vegetable Drink and sugar-free sweeteners such as Stevia Sweet™ and Naturally Sweet™.


    SOLAL® skincare products include state-of-the-art healthy aging and skin-regenerative facial creams (topicals). SOLAL® skincare products offer more than merely a superficial cosmetic effect, because they address the underlying causes of skin aging, regenerating the structural skin collagen matrix, resulting in a more youthful and healthier skin.

  • CND Shellac
  • CND Shellac
  • CND Shellac

    The three-part system wears flawlessly for 14+ days of high gloss shine and cures in a UV lamp for zero dry time. “Our chemists invented a modern solution to the normal polish inconveniences that frustrate women.

    CND® SHELLAC® brand is fret-free and convenient,” says CND Co-founder Jan Arnold. “Women can finally get their time back.” Combining the best features of a polish with the best features of a gel, CND created a fully removable hybrid nail color that completely changed the industry landscape as the leader in technology, color and innovation.


    The Top 5 reasons why SHELLAC® Brand is the only choice for nail color:

    • 14+ days of high-performance wear
    • Stunning crystal shine
    • Zero dry time
    • Amazing 5-minute removal
    • No nail damage

  • Wesson Therapeutics
  • Wesson Therapeutics
  • Wesson Therapeutics

    Wesson Therapeutics strives to supply products of the highest standard. The utmost care is taken to source ingredients with the highest therapeutic index in order to deliver optimal results.

    Our tried and tested formulations have until recently been distributed exclusively to plastic surgeons and oncologists, but are now being made available to laser- and skin care clinics for the first time.

    The range has recently been expanded to include a complementary range of skin care products for the care of sensitive and compromised skin conditions.

    Disclaimer - our products are not intended to treat medical conditions, but have been found to complement conventional medical care by supporting the process of epithelization of the epidermis.

  • Wesson Therapeutics

    Due to increasing concerns over our health and the environment, our company is committed to producing a range of products that is free of harmful ingredients. As such, the formulations contain:

    • NO preservatives such as paraben preservatives - this is made possible due to the fact that these formulations are anhydrous
    • NO butylated hydroxy toluene - BHT is a chemical anti-oxidant suspected of toxicity and is used in most tissue oils
    • NO sulphated ingredients
    • NO petro-chemical ingredients such as mineral oil or petroleum jelly
    • NO artificial fragrance, therefore no phthalate content
    • NO artificial colours
    • NO animal testing and animal-derived ingredients
    • NO dimethicone, cyclomethicone or cyclopentasiloxane
    • NO triethanolamine

  • Ruah
  • Ruah
  • Ruah - Koester jouself

    RUAH is – to breathe, to live, to smell. Essential oils stimulate our sense of smell and it is widely known that the aromas we encounter influence how we feel. The fine hairs inside the nose (cilia) are responsible for sending messages of fragrance and aromas to the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that registers our feelings, emotions, memory and our cognitive ability.

    Essential oils are made up of complex combinations of natural aromatic components that are extracted from plant material. These components are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and in order to get the most advantage from the oils, the secret remains to use natural organic plant material. Unfortunately this type of quality oil is very rare but as producers of essential oils we value quality over quantity. We also support our local farmers of the North West region.

  • Our Herbs

    We use steam distillation to extract oil from the plants.

    • Lavender essential oil needs no introduction. It has been used throughout the ages as a calming agent.
    • The essential oil of rosemary is antiseptic, anti-inflamitory, used for blood circulation and blood pressure problems and stimulates hair growth and treats dandruff and other scalp conditions
    • Rose Geranium essential oil has a lovely green flower aroma that’s both calming and stimulating. It has a balancing effect on the skin and is therefore suitable to all skin types. We use it in our products for its sweet bouquet aroma and cleansing properties. It’s also used for the treatment of cellulite and eczema.
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